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The Search is Over…

IMG_20121017_194600Desperate times, oh this dark dark day,

My favorites, you monsters, have taken away.

No warning, no word to warn a coming plight,

You cowards just took it and slipped into the night.

For strong fabric at the seams I pray,

The reserves to stay whole beyond their day.

Woe is me, they begin to unravel now!

Woe is me, replace them? Oh how?

The search begins…some high and some low,

Some seem fine, but they will not let me grow.

Bunching, bagging, binding and scratching,

Slipping, sliding, sagging and batching.

The frustration and chaffing now run deep,

And in my search I have found none I can keep.

And then before all hope can fade and fall,

I decided to give in my cash and call.

Hallelujah, I can hear the birds sing!

Hallelujah, let the church bells ring!

A spring day after a the long winter gives yield.

A cool glass of water after a hot day in the field.

First ray of light at dawn of a cold stormy night,

Your own warm bed after a ten hour flight.

These are the rivals that can barely even compare,

To my newly discovered and glorious underwear!

(Yes…Yes I did just write a poem about having to find a new brand/style of underwear. Thank you Tommy John Underwear!)

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Sunset in the Foothills

May 2, 2014 1 comment

2012-10-18_17-17-09_25Into the glowing foothills I follow,

Before the mountains can swallow,

A sun casting rays in desperate fight,

Against the looming dark of night.


Her beams spread low, taking hold,

Of rocks and trees in the gentle cold.

Golden moments, they shine a glow,

Helpless, though, as shadows grow.


Frantically I make my chase,

Pleading, begging, stating my case,

To a force that bears no pleas,

As it rushes from eastern seas.


Into a canyon and night’s trawl,

I’m cast into a certain pall,

As daytime’s digits grab the rim,

Hope and light begin to dim.


I turn and speed to my escape,

Out from beyond the nighttime drape,

And up a new road on mountain face,

I quickly restart my now doomed race.


I reach for the last shining ray,

Hoping, praying, for pardon’s stay.

I fear my scramble is too late,

But refuse to accept my fate.


Rising up on peak ablaze,

On the mountain’s western gaze,

I’m reminded that it’s just a hill,

As my eyes, a mighty range now fill.


My chase, my hike, my journey here,

A plodding sprint done in fear,

Is far from meeting a sudden end,

A truth my mind muddles to mend.


An ocean of valleys and summits I see,

Calling out on the sweet wind’s plea.

Lakes and rivers and caves to explore,

Ignorance falls, there is so much more.


I take a deep breath, a rest, on foothill peak,

Close my eyes and let it speak.

There are hands in my hands, I should’ve known,

This is not a journey I take alone.


“Let’s go,” the tiny voices excitedly beg,

Pulling on my arm and leg.

“It’s time to move on,” she says clear,

With her hand, she holds me near.


I smile as they have made their case,

And take them all in warm embrace.

But before we can start our new track,

I know I need to take a last look back.


Even now with the sun nearly set,

It was not complete darkness I met,

Instead, over the plains to the East,

Rose the night’s grand royal priest.


Low on the horizon, he loomed large,

Floating silent as giant plains barge,

Less of a heavenly body of light,

More a deep hole punched into the night.


Comforted even in twilight’s glaze,

I turn forward my hopeful gaze,

Knowing I need not be afraid,

We walk on faithfully with love’s blade.


With my eyes set upon a distant peak,

Without fear to make me weak,

We leave hope and laughter in our wake,

Savoring each of these steps we take.

Midnight Tempest

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Something a little different…A sonnet.

From darkness depth a midnight tempest crashed!
Senses startled from rest’s peaceful embrace.
In my dazed, sleep-soaked mind the lightning flashed,
Breath escapes me as heart and mind gives chase.
I fall from bed to face the stormy plight,
My body braced against the nighttide’s cold.
Feet carry me towards tempest without light,
A passage taken blindly times untold.
Tiny tempest rolls towards my quiet quest,
Small shimmering spheres slice through the dark.
Sweeping up my boy, I hold him to my chest –
As he  settles in instant contrast stark.
Silence returns as the last sob is drawn.
Together, again, we face morning’s dawn.

I wrote the first draft of this during a boring meeting at work after another long night with Benjamin when he was an infant…I was exhausted and writing was the only thing that was going to keep me awake.

Benjamin had difficulty sleeping on his own as an infant and usually would wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and we wouldn’t be able to get him to fall back to sleep in his crib.  So, one of us usually spent the rest of the night sitting in a chair and holding him as he slept.  Back then, it was so, so difficult, but now, I look at those quiet early morning memories fondly.  To an extent, I miss them.  When I think of it, I don’t think about how tired I would be…I think about that sweet little baby and he quiet sleeping sounds.

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