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The Economy is Rough on Everyone

June 29, 2012 1 comment

As I mentioned previously, Ben has an entrepreneurial spirit and made several attempts to squeeze money from both friends and family through his various themed stores.  His latest store was a rental shop, where, for the low price of $1.00, you could rent a LEGO piece, such as a Stormtrooper helmet or a Battledroid for a day.

However, in these tough economic times, even the killer store ideas fail and below is what now hangs on the toy room door:


I Love that Guy!

June 12, 2012 1 comment

Lately, Benjamin has been OBSESSED with Star Wars Fighter Pods, tiny little rubber figures of the different Star Wars characters.  Last night, while at Rite Aid, I noticed they were selling the small packets of the Fighter Pods.  I picked up a couple for the boys and gave them to Ben and Matt when I got home.

Later on, after I tucked them in, I overheard Ben talking to Matt: “I can’t believe daddy bought us new Fighter Pods for no reason!  I love that guy!”

Very sweet, but I do find it curious that he uses the same phrase and inflection in his voice when talking about his turtle.