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That’s Three

On the way home from work, I almost got into three different accidents and “had to” lean on my horn a fourth time.  The kids weren’t in the car for the first one, but the other three times, they were.

Now, on a side note, I do forget myself when I am driving…or, should I say, I forget the boys are in my car when I am driving and the occasional curse flies out.  I’ve been better recently, referring to other drivers as being silly (instead of stupid or worse) and explaining exactly what the other driver is doing wrong (responding, “Because that guy is being an asshole” is not the right answer when a five-year old asks why you are angry — I’ve had to tell the boys to never repeat what I say in the car).

Anyway, the first almost accident happened when a pickup truck pulling a horse trailer coming from the other direction made a turn across my path.  I had to slam on my breaks and missed him by 10 feet.  The second was just some guy backing out of his driveway without looking if anyone was coming…I just had to slow down (and honk, of course).  The third was a guy pulling out of a parking lot and did not stop before coming out on the road just in front of me.  I had to slam on my breaks and come to a complete stop to miss him by a couple of feet.

To this, Matthew shouts, “Whoa, that guy wasn’t looking where he was going, right?”

Benjamin’s only response was, “And that’s three!”

(A glass of Irish Whiskey and I did collide once I got home.)

Also, the third guy looked like a football player, had Florida plates and was coming out of the lot next to the Lehigh Stadium.  While I suspect he was one of the college football players instead of a pro because the car was beat up, I did tell the boys that a Philadelphia Eagle almost killed their daddy as part of my continuing effort to make sure they don’t become fans of that team.

(I didn’t really say that the Eagle almost killed me, but I did say it was some silly Eagle player who didn’t know how to drive.)

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