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Matthew Strikes

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

We have a set of wooden, interconnected “roads”, similar to the Brio train tracks.  Matthew loves them, but sometimes struggles to put them together.  Benjamin loves his snacks (he is my son).  Today, Matthew didn’t finish his snack and Ben asked if he could finish them.  Matthew told him he could if Ben helped him put the roads together.  So, Ben put a few together and then asked if he could have the snack.  Matthew said, “Not yet!” in a sing-song voice.  This want on for about five minutes, until the road was stretched out across the living room and Matthew played happily as Ben ate the snack.

Very interesting that Matthew has figured out how to barter already.  I couldn’t stop laughing.

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Some Additional First Day Stuff

August 31, 2010 1 comment

A couple of things I forgot from yesterday:

As I have previously said, a little girl he has been in day care with since they were infants is also in the catholic school with him.  Well, as we were driving to school on his first day, he said, “I am going to marry her when we get older,” then he took a pause, “If I still like her.”

During kindergarten orientation, Benjamin saw a statue, touched it and asked, “Is baby Jesus extinct?”

Assorted First Day of Kindergarten Stuff

August 30, 2010 Leave a comment

First day of school is done.  Not only was it Benjamin’s first day in kindergarten, but Matthew also moved up to the next classroom today.  Overall, it went really well.

Benjamin was very excited before school.  He seemed genuinely happy.  He has never been one to eat sandwiches.  He always turned his nose up to them.  However, we want him to bring lunch (his daycare had served hot lunches) most of the time to his new school.  Since sandwiches are the easiest thing to send him off with, we spent a week trying to convince him he would like them.  So, yesterday, I took him to the store and let him pick out the bread and the lunch meat.  This morning, he was so excited as we packed lunch for him and that was most of his focus.

Andrea went out to Target last night to get a folder for his papers from school.  She was a champ in picking through the scraps of what was left and managed to find the last Toy Story folder in the valley.  Benjamin was very excited to see it this morning.

Benjamin’s best friend since they were babies is also going to the catholic school with him, so we met her and her mommy before school for pictures.  They were so cute together in their little uniforms, checking out each others back packs.

Andrea was a bit of a mess.  She was in shock as she saw her little boy getting ready for school.

Matthew cried after we dropped off Ben.  Clearly, he was really upset about being separated from his big brother.  He kept wandering off and standing by himself, staring at the ground as we were taking pictures.  He didn’t want to take pictures with us.  It is sad that there is all this turmoil in their lives right now.  These changes are on top of a move coming soon.  I know they will bounce back, but I can’t help but notice the nervousness in their faces with each change.  Andrea and I keep trying to figure things out to make sure they don’t feel it too much.

I took them to dinner after school…I let Matthew pick the restaurant.  Ben doesn’t have school on Friday and I have off as well.  He has been asking to go fishing for flounder for months, so I am going to try to find some place on the Jersey shore to take him fishing (if anyone has any ideas of a place that we can fish from a dock, let me know).  Hopefully, little things like that will help them adjust.

Below are some miscellaneous quotes and stuff from the day.

A couple of weeks ago, when we were shopping for school stuff, Benjamin saw a bunch of desk lamps, and after noticing one that looked like the Pixar lamp, he said, “Papa, I need a lamp for doing my paperwork.”

Benjamin, after school today: “Mommy was right,” with a sad face, “kindergarten is more learning than playing.”

Me: “Benjamin, what did you learn today.”
Benjamin: “Papa, if I told you, I wouldn’t know it anymore.”

“I learned about the cross…you know, that big giant ‘T’.”

“Papa, can Matthew go to my school when he’s old enough so that he can feel special, also?”

I picked up Benjamin and then we went to pick up Matthew.  One of his friends from his old classroom came over and said hi.  Then she gave him a big hug.  She missed him.

Benjamin: “Papa, who is the smartest person in our family?”
Me: “Probably mommy…she has gone to school the longest and got the best grades.”
Benjamin: “She is smarter than me?”
Me: “Yes.  You might be smarter when you grow up.”
Benjamin: “I’m going to miss you and mommy when I grow up.  But, I will come and visit.  I hope you remember me.  I might grow a goatee or a beard and I’ll have to say, ‘I’m your son, Ben’.  Okay?”


Little Know-It-Alls

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Tonight we were watching the hour-long “Dinosaur Train Under the Sea” when Benjamin tells me that it isn’t the hour long one.  (Side note on Dinosaur Train…My sons’ two favorite things have been trains and dinosaurs and I think the same holds true for a majority of boys, so I am wondering how no one, including me, thought of this concept sooner.) Anyway,  I tried to reassure him that it was the hour long one.  He said it wasn’t and asked if I could replay it after Dr. Scott finished talking.  I told him that there was one more.  He said there wasn’t.  So, I reminded him there was one on the Elasmosaur, one on the shark, one on the Michelinoceras and then, the next one, on the Pliosaur.  He was insistent that they already did the Pliosaur and that Dinosaur Train was over.  This went back for a few moments and he wouldn’t back down.  Suddenly, Paulie the Pliosaur comes on and Benjamin quickly turns to me with a big smile and says, “See, I told you the Pliosaur was next.”  Andrea and I both burst out laughing.  I, of course, start arguing with the five-year-old, as I continue to laugh about what he said and what I said.  So, he back tracks and says that the Elasmosaur is a type of Pliosaur and that is why he thought the Pliosaur was already on.

So, as he is saying this, I have Wikipedia open, looking this up.  I discover that he is actually right.  So, I say, “Benjamin, come here,” so that I could show him, but, finally having enough of this, he turns to me and says “Papa, don’t make me get my book.”

A little while later, not to be outdone, Matthew asks if he could have two rolls when it was time for dinner (he could smell bread cooking in the oven).  I told him that he could have a couple of slices of the bread and that mommy wasn’t making rolls.  He says, “Yesh she ish.  I show you.” He then proceeds to climb up the step stool and grabs the empty Pillsbury cannister from the counter and says, “See!?”  (For the record, it was the Pillsbury French Loaf.)

Last Week with Matthew

August 22, 2010 1 comment

We walked down to the park this evening and were sitting on a set of benches talking.  I excitedly told Benjamin that this was going to be his last week in daycare and that he would be a big kindergärtner in a week.  He was quiet for a moment and then put his face against Andrea’s leg and started sobbing.  When we asked him what was wrong he said he was going to be so sad to not be in school with Matthew.  We told him he would still see him everyday and that he would still go with me to drop Matthew off and pick him up.  He, for-longingly, told me that he liked seeing and playing with Matthew on the playground.

Big changes coming up for the little guys…It breaks my heart.

Hard Times and the Boys

August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

We are in the process of selling our house and buying a new house.  As I am sure most people can testify, it is a very stressful time with some days being more stressful than others.  Last night and today was one of those days in the Keenan household.  Andrea and I had a tough time getting to sleep last night and then the boys woke up a couple of times during the night, with Benjamin ending up in our bed and me on the couch (he’s got the jimmy-legs).

Getting up this morning was tough and the overhanging stress felt like a huge weight on us.  As I struggled to keep my patience (successfully) this morning as we got the boys ready, I kept pondering how difficult being a parent is when there is outside stress and pressure.  Honestly, I was feeling a bit sorry for myself.

As the day went on, the stress didn’t let up much as I worked and the closer it got to 5:00, the more I was pondering having to “deal” with picking up the boys.  However, as I drove to get them at daycare, the more I realized that I couldn’t wait to see them.  I found some of the stress melting away as I thought about the little guys.  And when I got there and they were so happy to see me, I was so relieved.

I came to the realization that when outside stress and pressure are there, thats when it is the best time to be a parent.  Their energy and innocence and how things don’t bother them for long is so refreshing and helps me deal with my own stress.  They are two little bits of comic relief that so easily and effortlessly bring a smile to their Papa’s face.  They are a reminder of why we make certain sacrifices and why those things causing the stress are nothing when put into perspective of them.

I think it is in hard times that I am happiest to have these two little guys in my life.

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I’ll Still Be Cute

August 13, 2010 Leave a comment

The other morning at lunch, just after buying Benjamin’s uniform, Andrea and I were talking about little baby Benjamin.

“Remember how cute he was crawling around?”

“Remember how cute he was with Edgar?”

“Remember how cute he was in his ‘BEAR’ onesie?”

After a few minutes, Benjamin chimes in, slightly exasperated, “I’ll still be cute when I’m at St. Anne’s!”